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Attack of the Grannies!

So it should be no secret by now, that when I get an idea into my head, there’s no stopping me. I saw these blocks last week and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head. I … Continue reading

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Inspiration strikes and I forget to sleep

 My friends are constantly teasing me about my coffee swilling, night owl tendencies. I’m glad lucky that I don’t need as much sleep to function as some people (ahem Ben and Manda). That being said, I stayed up into the … Continue reading

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Art Student Tote

Ever since I saw this pattern, I knew I needed a bag like this. I like big bags. Always have. If I can’t fit at least three books, a variety of pens, wallet, phone and the occasional whisk or lemon … Continue reading

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Pinwheels & postage Stamps pt.1

I finally finished half of this massive project. Here’s the first of two quilts that I’ve named Pinwheels & Postage Stamps. But when you say it, you should really sing it to the tune of this song…. Ok, are you … Continue reading

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Fabric linky-loo!!!

I like fabric. A lot. This is just a part of my stash, some favorites and piles that just seem like they belong together. I’ve been getting a lot of inquires as to where I buy my fabrics lately so … Continue reading

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Willow’s Spring Garden

I knew that I shouldn’t take on yet another project, but I couldn’t help myself. I just had to make my little stinky a quilt for her very first birthday.  At first I was thinking of something pieced and intricate. … Continue reading

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April Flowers & New Leaves

I’m already swamped with projects. I have 4 quilts I “owe” people, not to mention the three I’m working on for us. So by all accounts, I shouldn’t start anything new. But I did….oops. This idea has been churning around … Continue reading

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I’m in standing starkly in the middle of my current project. The exact point where you’ve already sunk a good 30 hours of work in, although the proof seems to be missing. It’s that perfect spot where, no matter how … Continue reading

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Urban Home Goods Swap

I’m pleased to have (finally) finished my wares for my partner in the Urban Home Goods 3 Swap. This might be the most fun I’ve ever had in a swap, certainly one of the most inspiring groups on flickr right … Continue reading

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Springing Forward

It gets really hard for me to focus around this time of the year. I’ve already spotted some daffodils, crocus’ , and a few hardy pansies peeking their little faces out. Camilla’s start to explode this time of year and … Continue reading

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