Waiting for Spring

Forgive my absence, its been an intense couple of weeks here in the high court of her Royal Majesty Queen Willow. Oh wait, what, am I in charge? You’d hardly know it, we seem to be exiting the separation anxiety phase and charging full steam ahead into the boundary pushing, sanity straining phase. Oh, and she refuses to get anywhere near her crib, our bed only…and she’ll take whatever pillow you were planning on using. It’s been well, intense, to put it in the only non-crude way my frazzled brain can think to say it. No I know! It’s been a lesser, colder version of hell. Whiny bratty hell. I was gifted two bloody lips ( in 1.5 days) courtesy of a teething toy and my cell phone, and I’m missing chunks of hair from her using it as reigns. Bedtime has been a sweet release and full of crafting. I’ve been working on my Single Girl Quilt pretty much non stop. In 6 days I managed to get 900 pieces of fabric cut and sewn into 100 arch segments to make a total of 25 rings. They do vary, but I love the way these look so far!

I’ve got a whole list of thoughts about sewing on the voile, more on that later. I started to second guess the decision to use the gray background, so I laid them out on Kona Ivory and the Coal. Oh Nova, you are leading me in new directions!!

I never pick something so dark to be my “neutral”, but I’m ecstatic about the way this looks together. The ivory was so blah I didn’t even bother saving any of the pictures! I never would’ve thought I’d pick the gray, but there you go! Sometimes outside of your comfort zone is where you find your new favorite! I should be cutting out my 200 inner and outer background pieces but I’m thinking tonight deserves a break. I’m off to watch more episodes of the Wire. Who knows, maybe I’ll work on my nap time project. One hour of sanity-saving stitching in the middle of the day. Like a siesta in Spain, though decidedly less spicy and wonderful.


About Alexandra

Mother. Chef. Artist. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my husband, Ben and our daughter, Willow. This is an account of our rambling adventures and a place for what's inspiring me right now.
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One Response to Waiting for Spring

  1. sarah says:

    dude i know what you’re talkin about. i got slapped in the face twice yesterday morning and then smashed in the head with a bottle. a lovely way to wake up!

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