Starting Single

The Single Girl Quilt along is kicking off today! I’m so excited to make this beauty. I decided to try a test block using regular quilting cotton just to make sure it wasn’t out of the park skill wise.  I did a “practice” wheel in Kona cottons first, before I could bring my self to cut into my beloved Little Folks  Stash. The results? Well see for yourself!

While this was a little more time consuming than any of the other quilt blocks I’ve made in the past, it was easier than I thought it would be. Once I got the hang of pinning the curves it came together quite nicely, quick even. The pattern is very well written, which helps a lot. Keeping everything clearly separated and labeled is key.I’m going to have to keep the baby and the cats out of my sewing room while I work on this. They’re all very fond of pushing nice neat stacks of fabric (anything) onto the floor, with all these pieces there is no way I’m risking them getting jumbled up! I love the way color wheels look. I find them soothing and inspiring. I love the way they make your eye travel around the piece. I can’t wait to see how this looks in my beautiful prints.  I’m hoping to turn this lone block into a funky double sided machine cover for my partner in the {urban} Home Goods 3 Swap. Take a look at some of the awesome stuff people are making here.  I’m so happy I discovered the swaps and the group photo pools on Flickr. They have been such a source of inspiration. If you haven’t already, go check it out. Drop me a line if you want some suggestions for quilting/sewing pools. Here’s a gratuitous picture of a baby who will be one soon!? I have no idea how that happened!


About Alexandra

Mother. Chef. Artist. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my husband, Ben and our daughter, Willow. This is an account of our rambling adventures and a place for what's inspiring me right now.
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2 Responses to Starting Single

  1. sarah says:

    that is awesome and willow… you have such a sweet little face.

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