A doll quilt for Clare

I’ve been sewing up a storm these past two weeks. I’ve managed to finish up some little WIP’s and I finally did some mending I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I whipped up this little doll quilt for the daughter of a friend. Her name is Clare and she just the cutest little girl. Recently her parents bought a bed for her to put her dolls in and she climbs in with them. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew I had to make her a little doll quilt, no question.  These simple nine patch blocks were leftovers from a (queen size!) quilt top I recently finished. Its sandwiched and neatly folded in a pile growing of quilts ready to be quilted. Once I finish my goodies for the Urban Home Goods Swap 3, and the Single Girl Quilt Along, I’ll get to them… anyhow.

So some simple but cheery nine patchs with some Kona in Tarragon for the sashing. I’ve recently become obsessed with linen binding, I made up about 60 yards of binding using the Simplicity Bias tape maker my sweet mom got me for my birthday. Such a time saver!  The only problem with this little quilt was the hand binding, with two layer of batting and the added heft of the linen, my poor fingers were hurting by time I finished! Bruised thumb aside, I’m so very pleased with how this came out. I hope it brightens up a little girls room!

I  decided to invest in a Kona color card.All 219 shades of Kona cotton in one handy compact fold out. When ever Joann’s or Fabric Depot has big sales I try to invest in stocking my solid stash a bit. However, that usually means I have no clue as to the actual shades I have. Or I get home only to realize the swatch I brought was misleading and the colors are off . I’ve found a place to pick up Kona pretty cheap over here.  I’ll be buying 95% of my solids online from this point, save the occasional yard or two for something that just can’t wait. Now everything will be much easier to match! This was actually a little bit harder to track down than I thought they would be.  I tried about 30 links that lead to pages saying SOLD OUT! or OUT OF STOCK! However, ever persisting I finally found them in stock over at Harts Fabrics. For now, they appear to more in stock. I’m so so happy with it. I’ve been comparing all my solids and having fun going through my stash all evening. Here’s a peek at a few other things I’ve been playing with!

A little mug rug for the swap at PMQG meeting on thursday

Another small quilt. Here’s a peek until the sun come out and I can take some proper pictures.

I have so many other projects starting soon, including making some commissioned quilts for some very special munchkins and their parents! What are you making this week?


About Alexandra

Mother. Chef. Artist. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my husband, Ben and our daughter, Willow. This is an account of our rambling adventures and a place for what's inspiring me right now.
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One Response to A doll quilt for Clare

  1. It looks so wonderful. I can’t wait to see how Clare reacts.

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