Single Girl and Little Folks

I’ve been eyeing up the single Girl pattern by Denyse Schmidt for quite some time. Recently perusing the flickr quilts pools I saw this beauty by the ever so talented Nova and decided it was time to make the plunge and try some curved hand piecing. I bought the pattern but I made a promise to myself not to start anything new until I finished the three quilts I have in a pile waiting to be quilted and bound.   Then they went ahead and announced a quilt-a-long. So that is definitly the universe giving me an out to start just one more project right? I mean come on, totally a free pass!

Last year, Ben bought me this collection for my birthday. I was also 9 months pregnant and every gift I got from everyone else was for the baby. He knew I’d fallen in love with these and ordered me the entire collection, the entire collection of flannels and a bundle of studio scraps. Am I lucky or what? Seriously, if he wasn’t asleep right now I’d go hug him and thank him again:) I went ahead later and bought the Pastry Stripes in half yards to round it out (swoon).

So I’ve been waiting for something special to showcase the prints. My intention has always been to make something for our bed so it’ll be a queen size on Kona Coal for the background. Ben’s only request was for something a little darker than the duvet covers we’ve had in the past. I think this will be perfect, the colors will really pop, yet its not too feminine.He lets me decorate, so I try not to let it get too girly (unlike the rest of our house). He lives with Willow and I and our two female cats, poor thing, because all four of us get moody occasionally (muhaha). Nova did an amazing version of this quilt,no I mean seriously look. Her version has totally inspired me to use these little gems with a darker backing fabric (something I don’t usually do)

My only concern at this point is how the voile will behave. I’ve never sewn with voiles and I’ve only sewn cotton lawns a few times so I’m not entirely sure how this will compare to making a quilt with the standard weight cottons. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, leave me a comment if you’ve got some advice. I  thought briefly of stabilizing the bits of voiles that would make comprise the rings but I can’t really bear the thought of doing that to such lovely fabric.  I can’t wait to start the quilt along, my bed already looks lonely without this quilt on it!


About Alexandra

Mother. Chef. Artist. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my husband, Ben and our daughter, Willow. This is an account of our rambling adventures and a place for what's inspiring me right now.
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3 Responses to Single Girl and Little Folks

  1. Megan says:

    Little Folks is one of my all time favorite lines and I love it so much I just had to make a whole quilt out of it too

    I won’t lie, it was a super pain in the ass to piece and I spent a lot of time with my seam ripper during the whole process, but in the end I have a beautiful (yet imperfect) quilt that is loved and treasured.
    I’m not a prewasher, but I did prewash my voiles and paired it with a Kaufman ultra sateen. I backed mine with voile too, which made it impossible to machine quilt (I ended up hand quilting mine) but it is the softest, most used quilt in our house now.

    My advice is to try out a test block and make sure you can commit to a whole quilt. If you don’t want to pull your hair out by the end of one block you’re in good shape. If you pull it off, I for one will bow down to your greatness:)

  2. vivupnorth says:

    I love your fabric collection! It was the first thing I saw this morning via tag surfer and the bright, pretty fabrics are such a treat to the eye. I’ve seen similar fabrics used in Single Girl with Kona Coal background, and I think it will look fab.

  3. Jo-Ann Intlekofer says:

    No wonder you fell in love. They are gorgeous! I know you will love working on them. As for the voile, I think I would try a double layer with a white kona or other cotton for the under layer. Make sure you wash, starch and iron everything first so the double layer won’t shrink weird when you wash the quilt.
    My favorite method is to pre-shrink (wash in hot water and dry on hot) all the fabrics before I cut out anything. If you cut a small diagonal off of each corner before you wash and dry, your fabric will unravel less. I use cotton batting and cotton quilting thread. When I finish the quilt I wash it in hot water and dry on hot, which creates a cool effect. The cotton batting and cotton thread shrink and the fabric does not shrink. This creates a beautiful vintage “pucker” effect. It feels and looks so great. People just love to run their hands over the surface. You might want to try it on a small quilt before you commit to your beautiful bed quilt.

    I hope your project brings you much joy.
    Jo-Ann Intlekofer

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