“One good thing about music…”

(Today I’ve listened to this, Snoop Dogg, Queen, Portishead,Arcade Fire, Beck, Johnny Cash and some old delta blues. My neighbors probably think I have musical tourette’s.)

I love music. A whole lot, I’d trade any and all artistic talent to sing (in tune) or play any instrument. I love quiet, but silence unnerves me. As someone who’s always spent a lot of time alone working on various hobbies, music always kept me from feeling lonely. It is a universal language, no matter your religion, nationality, or political views,  it can unite people like little else.

In the age of ipods, and downloading, music is available to masses like never before, how exciting is that? Maybe its the season or maybe I’m just riding some waves of nostalgia, but about a week ago I dug out my big cd book (I mean huge, it holds 350-400 I think) and I took a walk down memory lane.  I came to two conclusions:

1.) I have very eclectic taste in music and I can’t wait until my daughter can flip through that relic and discover jewels of song amidst some music that she will in all likelihood  tease me about.

2.) I love mixes so much. I love making them, I love receiving them, I love spending hours crafting a mix of music to evoke a mood or just get my booty shaking. I spent countless hours of my teen years crafting them for myself and my friends. Nearly every random pop or rap song I have on my hard drive was harvested from the mixes my best friend made me in high school ( I’m looking at you Manda) I discovered so many new artists from the mixes my friends had in their cars or the ones we made for parties because everyone was too wasted err having too much fun to bother changing the discs.

I’m not talking about a disc of random songs strung together, but a well crafted mix. Songs that flow into the next one regardless of genre. Mixes that evoke a mood or point in time, that sort. I miss getting cd mixes so much &  don’t even get me started on my love of mix TAPES! Do you miss them too? If you do, I have a proposal for ya! I’d like to organize an ongoing music swap. People can sign up with me and every month we will swap a mix. This can work a few ways, depending on how many people are interested. Either we can each make a mix and send it to everyone on the list OR every month 1 or 2 people will be the receivers and we will all send them a mix. Would anyone out there be interested? I think this would be a fun way to not only learn about new music, and perhaps make a new connection to someone with similar taste. If you know someone who would might enjoy this concept please pass along a link. The more people, the more eclectic and awesome this could be! Leave a comment here on the blog or you can email me at Aleverbrycke@gmail.com. Let me know if you have any ideas about making this work. Depending on the amount of interest, I’ll iron out the details and figure out the logistics  ( I’ll be really careful with everyone’s personal info). Hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy this gratuitous baby picture

*I know that itunes is doing the new PING thing, but this seems more personal and fun to me. Plus who doesn’t like getting a little treat in the mail?


About Alexandra

Mother. Chef. Artist. I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my husband, Ben and our daughter, Willow. This is an account of our rambling adventures and a place for what's inspiring me right now.
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2 Responses to “One good thing about music…”

  1. sarah says:

    love this. i cant WAIT for piper to dance to shit. she already bops a little. so funny.

  2. melissa says:

    count me in! i ❤ mixes.

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